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Halloween ShoppingHello, my name is Amanda, but just about everyone calls me the Halloween Girl. I was born on October 30th and I'll be 23 years old this year. I missed being born on Halloween by one day but that's okay, I think it would be way too much to celebrate Halloween and my birthday all on the same day.

I haven't done any up-dating to my website since last year so I figured that it was about time to do it! Life has changed a bit more, Still doing college, still have a job but a different one now. Still have my own place but had to move to a smaller house with lower rent cuz a couple of my friends moved out and on to other things. Life changes and you can't stop it, so why sweat the little things. Got a boyfriend here with me and sharing with a couple of friends that turned into a couple so it's all good.

My best friends from high school, Chloe and Trent finally let it out that they had a thing going for a while. Nicole and Eric moved out but are still around. Hey, we all got lives, ya know?. Last year, my mom called in "the big guns" for us, her sis, my aunt and her husband, who don't live far away. They lived in Cali for like 19 years and we gotten really close now. Mom used to tell me "your aunt was Goth before Goth even existed, she's always been a little too dark and morbid. And that goes for her husband, too". It's been cool to finally get to know her since she moved out here. I think mom thought she was a little too "dark" and would be a bad influence or something but we are all older now. They even hang out now.

My aunt, Dawn de la Morte' and her husband, Spooky, are going to be helping us out again this year with their great selections of Halloween props. They live an hour away and have a 40ft. cargo container filled with nothing but Halloween stuff. They own a Halloween company that just does websites, they have about 30 different sites so they get lots of free stuff and meet some very cool people. Halloween love must run in the family, in fact she and Spooky got married on Halloween many years ago.

But, back to me and my friends! Our lives have gotten more hectic as we've grown, gotten a job or two and some of us are stilll in college. Now that we don't all live together we actually have to make time during the year to plot and plan for the coming Halloween season. We still love to go trick-or-treating but now that we are all over 21, we end up hitting some of the local night clubs and taking in the famous Halloween Ball! We'll probably still have a joint Halloween/birthday party at our new house, as usual.

This year we'll hit some of the local pro haunted houses that set up around town and we'll be going to Circus, Circus to check out The Fright Dome which they set up in the amusement park dome area of that casino. It looks pretty gory and I can't wait! We have gone to many of the haunts around Vegas over the years and there are some great ones and there are some that just have the same thing year after year. But as long as they give us a good scare for the money, I don't care. We'll have to check out another get Vegas tradition, the Hearse Parade. Check out this site for some info about Vegas Halloween.

So many great Halloween costumes and I can only wear one or two each year. I usually wear one type to a Halloween party or night club and another type for Halloween night. Living in Las Vegas does have it's advantages. There's a year round Halloween store here and lots of small Halloween stores pop up in September. I've ordered from the Costume Kingdom online store in the past. Chloe, Nicole, Trent and I have a bunch of costumes from the last few years that we can all fit into and we set aside one of the spare bedrooms for all the costumes, masks, wigs, etc. so we can all use them over again It's a great way to save some money and we can always use the money on other Halloween stuff instead.

It's hot as Hell in the summer but it's cooling down by October and it's comfortable at night. So on Halloween night, I can wear just about any type of sexy Halloween costume that I want and not freeze to death. I really love shopping for Halloween decorations and checking out the latest Halloween costumes!

Halloween StreetI also love decorating for Halloween! My family is definitely still into Halloween, even though there's one kid still at home now, and they still start putting up Halloween decorations early in October, inside and out. My old room used to look like Halloween year round, kind of a cross between Goth, Vampire and general horror, since I love horror films, too. Lots of skulls, bats, dark walls, a few horror film action figures. I kept a few of those foam lighted Jack-O-Lanterns on shelves for mood lighting. I took it all with me when I moved out. There's a haunted village that my mom and I built years ago out of craft sticks, I've always been proud of that thing. We really made it scary! I left that there and promised mom that we'll all come over to help decorate, which we will do. Having two places to decorate will be time consuming but I promised and with the extra hands of my roomies, we'll get it done. This is something you just don't grow out of and it's family tradition!

In the past years I've throw my Halloween party for my friends in our backyard. My friends have always helped plan it and set it up with me. It's usually the night before Halloween, so it's really my birthday party, too. I bake a really elaborate cake, mom helps fix some actual food, usually home made pizzas that look like Jack-O-Lanterns, and stuff like that while we decorate the back yard. Now we'll be doing the same thing but at our own house even though we also promised mom that we'd have a party there, too. Double the fun!

My dad builds Halloween props for his yearly front yard haunt so he sets up the backyard for the party, too. He's passed some on to me to take and my aunt has some stuff for us. We'll still go over to my parents house to set up for the yard haunt and party. While everyone's helping out with the details of setting up, my girls and I get will get dressed for the party, takes time to transform into something hideously beautiful!

Midnight - The Halloween CatWhile I don't cook a lot, I really like cooking up treats during October. I take over the kitchen and start cooking up all kinds of Halloween treats like caramel apples, popcorn balls, and Marshmallow Monsters. I love to search the net looking for new Halloween recipes to try out each year. All the smells make me think about Halloweens' past. Mom's passed on some of her favorites to me and now she turns the kitchen over to me during Halloween. I've gotten better at normal cooking and I do great with the Halloween food, too! This year we'll be making a bunch of Sugar Skulls, too.

Special mention goes to my beloved Halloween cat, companion and magical familiar, Midnight. She's getting old but is still keeping me company and still sleeps at the end of my bed every night. I hope you enjoy my website! I've filled it with all the things I love for Halloween and since I'm obsessed with it, you can find pretty much anything you want right here! Check out my links page for the best sites on the net!

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